Water Damage Photo Gallery

Leak in Laundry Room

A leak in the laundry of this condo left the garage ceiling falling down. SERVPRO of Cape May county was called in to quickly clean up the damage caused by the leak so that this family could enjoy their home again.

Leak From Upstairs Neighbor Damages Ceiling and Walls

SERVPRO of Cape May & Cumberland Counties arrived on-site in less than an hour after this home owner called, due to a leak in the upstairs unit leaking into theirs. The leak caused damage to the walls and ceilings. 

Refrigerator Leak on Your Hardwood Floors?

This homeowner came to find her subzero refrigerator leaked all over their beautiful hardwood floors. The customer did not want to remove the flooring, so SERVPRO of Cape May County did everything they could to restore the floor and "Make it Like it Never Happened." The homeowner was very pleased with the work our crew provided with the limitations they had set.

We're Always Here to Help

This customer had a completely finished basement with a game room, music room, and office. The homeowner had a water conditioning company replaced the filter in their brine tank in the basement. Unknown to the company and the homeowner the brine tank started to leak once they changed the filter. The tank leaked over night leaving behind a couple inches of standing water. The professionals at SERVPRO of Cape May County went onsite and extracted all of the standing water, disposed of all affected contents and then began demolition. SERVPRO had this basement cleaned and dried in just 5 short days. The customer was very please with the work we preformed and with how quickly we had our crew and equipment in and out.

It's the Water you Don't See

This home had a pipe break on the second floor. As this is the customers summer home it was not caught in enough time and the water ran through the ceiling and the walls causing massive amounts of damage. Since the water had been sitting for an unknown amount of time mold also had started to grow.

Once the homeowner arrived at their home and noticed all the damage she immediately called SERVPRO of Cape May County. As our team started the demolition in the home the more water and mold they found. Our crew took out all the wet materials and dried the entire home. This was a very large home with extensive amounts of damage. The demolition and drying process took just 8 days.

Winter Freeze = Frozen Pipes

All too often we see summer homes have water damage because of frozen pipes. This home had a pipe freeze over the winter and caused extensive damage. The drywall on the ceiling started to buckle from the water. SERVPRO of Cape May &Cumberland Counties arrived on site and immediately started demolition of the affected materials, then began the drying process.

If you have a summer home, it is highly recommended to keep the heat on a low temperature to avoid frozen pipes.