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6/17/2021 (Permalink)

Mold Remediation is One of Our Primary Areas of Expertise at SERVPRO of Cape May and Cumberland  Counties.

We have the training and experience to contain the infestation, scrub health-threatening spores out of the air, remove the contaminated materials, and help prevent future microbial growth.

Have A Moldy Situation?

Imagine you were cleaning out a storage closet, and you found mold growing on the back wall. A number of situations may have created an ideal situation for microbes to grow in this closet. Once you identified and resolved the source, you would still want to contact a professional to mitigate the mold and ensure healthy air for your home or office. Healthy air for all to breathe.

Containing the Infestation.

When our Franchise Professionals begin a mold job, our first concern is to contain the mold infestation. The mold you can see is only a small part of the danger posed to building occupants. Mold reproduces by releasing invisible spores into the air. Therefore, we begin by preventing air from the contaminated area traveling to other parts of the building.

Scrubbing Mold Out of the Air.

Each job is unique in its challenges and solutions. However, in most cases, our mold mitigation team will set up a containment barrier and create a “negative air” situation inside the infested area. A “negative air” situation is essentially a vacuum that ensures air only flows into and not out of the contained area while the air scrubbers filter the spores and other contaminants from the air.

Removing Contaminated Materials.

Organic materials like drywall, carpeting, and ceiling tiles must be removed and discarded once they become contaminated with mold. This is why we encourage our customers to contact us immediately after a water loss to dry all the materials before microbial growth begins. Blowing a fan across moldy materials hoping to dry them and save them spreads mold spores in the air and may increase the possible health effects to building occupants.  

Inhibiting Future Growth.

We can never promise to prevent all future mold growth. Mold spores are everywhere in the atmosphere, and they take root and thrive whenever they find the perfect mix of moisture, food (organic materials) and temperature. However, we have several SERVPRO products that discourage microbial growth. Once your moldy materials have been removed and the air has been scrubbed to reduce the concentration of spores, we can apply one of these anti-microbial agents to help protect your building’s structural elements.

When You See Mold, Call 609-624-0202 ASAP!

When you see mold, remember you cannot see the biggest threat that mold presents. Call us for a free estimate and good advice about protecting yourself and others until the mold is removed and the air is clean again.

SERVPRO of Cape May & Cumberland Counties serves Cape May, Ocean City, The Wildwoods, and surrounding areas of Cape May County; as well as Bridgeton, Millville, Vineland, and surrounding areas of Cumberland County. We're Here to Help 24/7 365!

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