Recent Fire Damage Before & After Photos

Stove Fire Creates a Mess for Apartment Residence

A fire caused by a stove in a small apartment, caused a mess for the tenants. The fire produced a large amount of soot throughout the apartment, but specificall... READ MORE

Fireplace Fire

A fireplace caught on fire in this 3 story home in January of 2018. The fireplace was located on the first floor, causing damage in almost every room, including... READ MORE

On Vacation and There is a Puff Back in Your Home.

This homeowner was on vacation for about a week when he received a call from his neighbor stating that his smoke detectors had been going off. Beings that the h... READ MORE

Chimney Fire in Cape May County

This customer had their chimney catch fire. When the fire department arrived they axed holes into the roof and the side of the home. The fire department also pu... READ MORE

Smoke and Soot Damage in Ocean City, NJ

This commercial building in Ocean City wasn't the source of the fire, but unfortunately received a large amount of smoke and soot damage from the actual fire ne... READ MORE

Fire Damage Inside Wall in Sea Isle City, NJ

The fire damage in this utility room was the result of an arced wire in the wall. The fire also melted the shared sewer line for the washing machines in the bui... READ MORE