Fire Damage Photo Gallery

Neighboring Fire Leaves Smoke Damage

A neighboring fire left a significant amount of smoke damage in this family's attic. SERVPRO of Cape May & Cumberland Counties was on site to help clean the mess up as soon as possible. 

Tarp Job

When the house next door caught on fire, the siding on this home began melting off leaving the frame exposed. SERVPRO of Cape May County was on the job to clean up the mess, and prevent any additional damage from occurring. 

DVD Player Unexpectedly Catches Fire

This homeowner had their DVD catch on fire; leaving their home full of soot and smoke. The homeowner poured a pot of water over the fire to put it out; leaving the home with minimal water damage but extensive smoke damage. As you can see in this photo the ceilings were covered in soot. SERVPRO of Cape May County went to the home cleaned everything in the home and also placed an air scrubber to eliminate the smoke odor.

Fire Restoration & Air Scrubbers

An air scrubber is used after a fire to remove particles, gasses and chemicals from the air. These machines draw air in and pass it through a series of filters to remove any contaminants.

Dryer Fire

This customer's dryer caught fire spreading soot throughout the house. SERVPRO of Cape May County went on sit and cleaned the affected areas in the home along with the contents. The customer was very pleased with the work we did and how fast we responded.

Roof Tarping After a Fire

This was a vacant summer home that had caught fire. The homeowner received a call from the fire department at midnight telling them that their home had caught fire and it was contained. The homeowner called SERVPRO of Cape May County as soon as the scene was released. They asked us to go out to tarp the roof and the side of the house so animals could not get in until they came down on site. SERVPRO of Cape May County immediately went on site and tarped up the home.